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Exhibition Highlights | MEDLAB Dubai, New Year's Debut, Successfully Concludes

Views: 0     Author: Denise Ho     Publish Time: 2024-02-16      Origin: Site


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Exhibition Highlights | MEDLAB Dubai, New Year's Debut, Successfully Concludes

From February 5th to 8th, the grand stage of the Dubai World Trade Centre witnessed the spectacular unfolding of MEDLAB, the largest medical laboratory exhibition in the Middle East and North Africa. This prestigious event brought together a diverse array of over 700 exhibitors hailing from 180 countries and regions, captivating the attention of more than 60,000 esteemed professional attendees.

Medlab 2024_1

RainSure Scientific took center stage at MEDLAB for the second time, presenting an impressive showcase featuring cutting-edge innovations. Among the spotlighted products were the revolutionary DropDx-2044 digital PCR system, the groundbreaking NanoGenerator™ nanoparticle synthesis system, and the highly versatile Fast-16 portable real-time fluorescence quantitative PCR instrument. The RainSure booth emerged as a magnet for distributors, laboratory aficionados, and industry professionals from around the globe, who sought insights through visits, inquiries, and fruitful negotiations.

The passionate team from RainSure Scientific demonstrated unwavering dedication by providing detailed explanations and comprehensive introductions to their innovative products. Each visiting customer received personalized recommendations, and the team eagerly shared ingenious solutions related to digital PCR, fostering a spirit of collaboration that extended to strengthen partnerships with global associates.


DropDx-2044 Digital PCR System


NanoGenerator™ Nanoparticle Synthesis System


Fast-16 Fluorescence Quantitative PCR Instrument

As we gaze into the future, RainSure Scientific remains resolute in its commitment to proactively extend its influence across international borders. The company envisions a strategic understanding of the dynamic needs of global markets, propelling them to continuously upgrade and refine their products. This forward-thinking approach positions RainSure Scientific on a trajectory to elevate its global competitiveness and make enduring contributions to the ever-evolving landscape of molecular diagnostics technology.

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Medlab 2024_3

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