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Digital PCR System

Digital PCR  has revolutionized the field of molecular biology, fundamentally reshaping the landscape of DNA and RNA quantification. It is highly sensitive and can detect rare or low-abundance targets that may be challenging to quantify accurately using other techniques. A digital PCR system is an advanced laboratory instrument designed to perform digital PCR experiments. It divides sample into thousands or even millions of tiny individual reaction partitions, each containing a minute amount of the target DNA or RNA. Each partition undergoes PCR amplification, and the endpoint fluorescence or signal is measured for each partition individually. The software then determines the absolute number of target molecules present in the original sample without relying on standard curves or relative comparisons. Digital PCR is an indispensable tool in a wide range of fields, including genetics research, clinical diagnostics, environmental monitoring, and food safety. It is particularly valuable for detecting rare genetic mutations, viral load quantification, copy number variation analysis, and assessing gene expression variations.



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