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RainSure Droplet Digital PCR System Q&A

  • Q What is the function of the white dots on the silicone cap?


    For ventilation; air is filtered while pressure is applied to generate water-in-oil droplets.

  • Q Can I run qPCR reagents and its thermal profile on RainSure Sample Prep Station?


    Real-time PCR reagent could be used on RainSure Sample Prep Station. However, the thermal cycling protocol needs to be adjusted due to the need of an initial denaturation step in dPCR. Other parameters, e.g.  annealing temperature, annealing time, or number of cycles, need to be optimized to ensure optimal assay performance. In addition, the concentration for primers and probes to work optimally in dPCR could be different and thus requires optimization. Not all Taqman polymerase in qPCR reagents are compatible with digital PCR droplet generation oil. Thus, some qPCR reagents may not work or may not generate any signals in RainSure Sample Prep Station.



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