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Tumor liquid 
Drug resistance gene detection
Copy number 
Gene expression 

Application Demonstration

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    Clinical Use
        Qualitative/quantitative detection of infectious pathogenic microorganisms (especially suitable for low-copy microorganisms), pathogen resistance gene mutation detection, pathogen typing and identification
     Tumor/cancer-related gene variation (mutation, fusion, methylation, CNV, etc.) detection for early cancer screening, targeted drug therapy, treatment plan guidance, companion diagnosis, efficacy monitoring and evaluation
     Non-invasive birth screening using liquid biopsy technology, detection of neonatal genetic diseases such as congenital hypothyroidism and phenylketonuria
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    Environmental Monitoring/Protection
        Detection of microorganisms with complex and low content in water, soil, gas and other components
     Detection of drug-resistant infection pathogenic microorganisms in wards, laboratories, hospitals and other environmental surfaces
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    Food Safety
        Detection of pathogenic/non-pathogenic microorganisms in the food industry such as dairy products
     Food market sampling inspection, such as meat adulteration, genetically modified food ingredients
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    Entry and exit quarantine and epidemic prevention at customs/border
        Identification of genetically modified species and alien species to prevent species invasion
     Quarantine inspection of animals and plants, as well as border ports and entry and exit vehicles, containers, goods, luggage and other places to prevent the introduction of pathogenic microorganisms such as parasites
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    Bioengineering products, biopharmaceuticals/gene therapy
        Efficiency assessment of gene editing
     Quality assessment of biologics safety, such as residues of host-derived substances such as vaccines and antibody proteins
     Drug efficacy evaluation
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    Forensic Science
        Species identification and quantification of samples
     Genetic marker analysis for identification
     Analysis of trace evidence and inference of time of death
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        Identification of genetically modified species
     Stress resistance gene analysis
     Research on genetic differences between species
     Breeding plant genotyping
     Detection/identification of disease sources, such as identification of parasites and pathogenic microorganisms
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    Preparation of standard materials
    Quantitation and quality control of reference materials



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