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Digital PCR Cartridge Sealing Cover
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Digital PCR Cartridge Sealing Cover

Product Description

Digital PCR cartridge sealing covers are used in conjunction with digital PCR cartridges to provide a secure and reliable seal for the reaction wells or chambers during the PCR process. These covers play a crucial role in preventing cross-contamination, evaporation, and maintaining the integrity of the individual reactions.

The characteristics of RainSure digital PCR cartridge sealing covers:

  1. Material: Sealing covers are made of flexible, optically transparent material that provide good barrier properties, preventing the exchange of gases, evaporation of reagents, and minimizing the risk of contamination.

  2. Peelability: They are peelable to allow for easy access to the reaction wells or chambers after PCR amplification. This enables further processing, such as analysis or downstream applications.

During a dPCR assay, the sealing covers are applied to the digital PCR cartridge after the PCR reaction mixture is loaded into the reaction wells or chambers. The covers are carefully aligned and securely pressed onto the cartridge, forming a tight seal.

The sealing covers provide an enclosed environment for each individual reaction, preventing the mixing of reagents or cross-contamination between adjacent wells or chambers. They also minimize evaporation of the reaction mixture, ensuring stable PCR conditions throughout the amplification process.

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Digital PCR cartridge sealing cover

12 pieces

Room temperature; store in cool, dry place away from sunlight

1 year



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