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Digital PCR Cartridge

Product Description

A digital PCR cartridge is a specialized device used to perform the dPCR assay. The cartridge serves as a platform for partitioning the PCR reaction mixture into numerous individual reaction chambers, where each chamber represents a separate PCR reaction. A single cartridge can process up to four samples.

Features and functionalities of RainSure digital PCR cartridge:

  1. Microfluidic Architecture: Incorporates microfluidic channels and chambers to facilitate the precise partitioning of the PCR reaction mixture into individual droplets. These microfluidic structures are designed to distribute the sample and reagents evenly and efficiently.

  2. Droplet Generation Chambers: The cartridge contains a series of droplet generation chambers, each chamber is isolated from the others, allowing for independent amplification and analysis of the target nucleic acids.

  3. Partitioning Mechanisms: The cartridge includes mechanisms or designs that enable the accurate and reproducible partitioning of the PCR reaction mixture. 

  4. Optical Transparency: The cartridge is made of a material that is optically transparent. This transparency allows for efficient detection of fluorescence signals generated during PCR amplification and subsequent analysis.

  5. Sealing Mechanisms: To prevent cross-contamination and evaporation, digital PCR cartridges have sealing mechanisms that securely enclose the reaction wells or chambers during the PCR process. These mechanisms help maintain the integrity and stability of the individual reactions.

Digital PCR cartridges are disposable, single-use consumables. They are manufactured under controlled conditions to ensure consistent performance and minimize the risk of contamination between experiments.

During a dPCR assay, the digital PCR cartridge is loaded into the PCR Amplifying Apparatus, and the PCR reaction mixture, along with any necessary reagents, is dispensed into the appropriate wells. The instrument then carries out the thermal cycling, enabling the amplification and analysis of the target nucleic acids.

Cat. No.

Product Name


Transportation and Storage Temperature

Shelf Life

Digital PCR Cartridge

12 pieces

Room temperature; store in cool, dry place away from sunlight

1 year



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