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Human NRAS Gene Mutation Detection Assays

Product Description

The NRAS gene is a GDP/GTP-binding protein and is one of the key genes in the same family as KRAS and HRAS. The proteins produced by these three genes are GTPases and play crucial roles in cell division, cell differentiation, and cell self-destruction (apoptosis). In its activated state, NRAS binds to GTP, while in its inactive state, it binds to GDP. Mutations in this gene are closely associated with melanoma, and the mechanism involves the abnormal continuous activation of downstream genes, such as Raf kinase.

The Human NRAS Gene Mutation Detection Assays enable the identification and characterization of specific mutations within the NRAS gene. This information is valuable for diagnostic purposes, treatment selection, and understanding the underlying genetic mechanisms of diseases associated with NRAS gene mutations, such as certain types of cancers and genetic syndromes.

Cat. No.

Product Name (Primers and Probes Only)


Human NRAS Gene G12V Mutation Detection Assay

24 reactions

Human NRAS Gene Q61R Mutation Detection Assay

24 reactions



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