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Human KRAS Gene Mutation Detection Assays

Product Description

The assays (primers and probes only) are designed to detect the KRAS (V-Ki-ras2 Kirsten rat sarcoma viral oncogene homolog) mutations in tissue DNA and cfDNA from plasma. 

The K-ras gene (K-ras, p21) family consists of three genes associated with human tumors: H-ras, K-ras, and N-ras, located on chromosomes 11, 12, and 1, respectively. The K-ras gene, also known as the p21 gene, encodes a 21kD Ras protein. Among the Ras genes, K-Ras has the greatest impact on human cancers and functions as a molecular switch. In its normal state, it controls the pathway regulating cell growth. However, when it is mutated, it causes continuous cell growth and inhibits self-destruction. K-ras also plays a role in intracellular signal transmission. Mutations in the K-ras gene result in its permanent activation, preventing the production of normal Ras protein, which leads to disrupted intracellular signaling, uncontrolled cell proliferation, and the development of cancer.

Approximately 30% of human malignant tumors are associated with Ras gene mutations, and mutated Ras proteins are often in an active state. K-ras mutations are commonly found in leukemia, lung cancer, rectal cancer, and pancreatic cancer, with mutations occurring in 30%-35% of rectal cancers. Around 96% of KRAS gene mutations occur at codons 12 and 13 of exon 2, and KRAS G12D mutations account for approximately 17-18%.

Cat. No.

Product Name


Human KRAS Gene G12D Mutation Detection Assay

24 reactions

Human KRAS Gene G12V Mutation Detection Assay

24 reactions

Human KRAS Gene G12C Mutation Detection Assay

24 reactions

Human KRAS Gene G12A Mutation Detection Assay

24 reactions

Human KRAS Gene G12S Mutation Detection Assay

24 reactions

Human KRAS Gene G13D Mutation Detection Assay

24 reactions



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