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All in One Digital PCR System

RainSure's cutting-edge RS32 series of digital PCR system represents a seamless fusion of droplet generation,PCR thermal cycling, and fluorescence signal analysis within a singular, advanced device. Contrasting RainSure's previous generation DropX individual digital PCR system, the RS32 series seamlessly unites the PCR Amplifying Apparatus and the Biochip Scanner into a harmonious whole, achieving true fully automatic integration following the introduction of nucleic acid samples. Once the RS32 series is loaded with digital PCR cartridges, the entire process proceeds without the need for additional manual interventions. This system is devoid of aerosol contamination,exhibits compatibility with third-party reagents, and serves as a formidable ally in advancing your research pursuits.
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Product Description
The principle of Digital PCR is to divide nucleic acids template into separate reaction chambers, allowing for individual molecule quantification through PCR amplification and fluorescence signal detection. Unlike real-time PCR, digital PCR does not rely on Ct values or standard calibration curves. It offers exceptionally high sensitivity, precision, and repeatability, making it an absolute quantitative analysis technology.

The RS32 ALL IN ONE  Droplet Digital PCR System puts this powerful technology at your disposal, enabling groundbreaking research at previously unattainable levels. The core principle of digital PCR is partitioning and Poisson distribution. DNA or RNA amplicons are divided into more than 20,000 droplets, with each droplet containing either 0 or 1 copy of the amplicon. After the completion of PCR thermal cycling, the droplets containing amplicons exhibit fluorescence, while those without copies do not. The number of fluorescent droplets is then counted as "0" or "1". By employing Poisson distribution, the concentration (copy number) of the sample can be calculated based on the number of fluorescent droplets. The RS32 System utilizes advanced microfluidics technology to achieve sample partitioning, generating approximately 20,000 nanoliter-sized droplets per sample.

The RS32 system is well-suited for various applications, including tumor biomarker research, copy number variation analysis, viral pathogen detection, microbial detection, genetically modified organism detection, mRNA and miRNA detection, rare nucleic acid sample detection, NGS reference standard quality control, and gene editing result verification.

Product Features

The industry-leading multi-fluorescence channel design enhances the functionality of the digital PCR system, facilitating multiplex target detection and acquisition of multi-channel fluorescence signals. Additionally, the system incorporates a fast and integrated automated image analysis system.




4 channels , 32 samples throughput


5 channels , 32 samples throughput


6 channels , 32 samples throughput

RS32077 channels , 32 samples throughput




Droplets per Reaction


Droplet Volume


PCR Thermal Cycling

40 cycles in< 90 minutes (Max heating 10℃/s , max cooling 6℃/s )

Patent technology

Mono Flex™ Droplet Generation Technology, Universal Macro™ Microfluidic Flat Heating Technology

Sample type

All types of nucleic acids

Sample Preparation

Manually load samples and droplet generation oil; also compatible

with RainSure's fully automatic sample preparation workstation

(automated nucleic acid extraction and digital PCR cartridge

loading), no manual operation required

Sample Throughput per Run

 4-32 samples/run

Detection Method

CMOS, able to identify negative droplets without the need for reference dye

Fluorescence Channels

4 channels: FAM/SYBR Green, HEX/VIC, ROX, and CY5

5 channels: FAM/SYBR Green, HEX/VIC, ROX, CY5, and CY5.5

6 channels: FAM/SYBR Green, HEX/VIC, ROX, CY5, CY5.5, and Atto 425(or CY 7)

7 channels: FAM/SYBR Green, HEX/VIC, ROX, CY5,  CY5.5, Atto 425, and CY 7


Detectable mutation frequency as low as 0.001%, enabling single-copy detection

Dynamic Range

5 logs

Quantification Precision


Weight≤ 50 kg


Supports sample recovery by applying pressure to the cartridge.

Supports long-term storage and re-scanning of cartridge



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