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Human PIK3CA 11 Mutation Detection Kit (Digital PCR Method)
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Human PIK3CA 11 Mutation Detection Kit (Digital PCR Method)

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This kit is used to detect PIK3CA gene mutations in the DNA of patients with breast cancer, colorectal cancer, etc. The mutation of PIK3CA may lead to resistance to other drugs, such as HER2-targeting trastuzumab and EGFR-targeting cetuximab monoclonal antibody. For the PI3K protein encoded by PIK3CA is located downstream of these mAb targets, if PI3K is continuously activated, it will not be affected by these mAbs targeting transmembrane proteins.

However, there is also mTOR protein downstream of PI3K, therefore, many studies believe that PI3K-targeted drugs in the PI3K-AKT-mTOR pathway can be combined with other drugs to inhibit tumor growth.

Reagent detection sites: C420R, E542K, E545A, E545D, E545G, E545K, Q546E, Q546R, H1047L, H1047R, H1047Y

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Human PIK3CA 11 Mutation  Detection Kit (Digital PCR Method)

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