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Sample Prep Station
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Sample Prep Station

Product Description

Digital PCR principle is to partition single nucleic acid template into separate reaction chambers and performs a single molecule quantification by PCR amplification and fluorescence signal detection. The digital PCR technology does not reply on neither Ct values nor standard calibration curves, and has extremely high sensitivity, precision, and excellent repeatability. It is an absolute quantitative analysis technology that transcends real-time PCR.

The DropX-2000 Droplet Digital PCR System puts this powerful technology in your hands, ready to unveil new worlds of research at previously unattainable levels. The principal of digital PCR is partition and poisson distribution. The DNA or RNA amplicons are partitioned into more than 20,000 droplets. Each droplet contains 0 or 1 copy of amplicon. Upon completion of PCR thermal cycling, the droplets contain amplicon will show fluorescence, the droplets contain 0 copies will show no fluorescence. The number of fluorescent droplets will be counted as “0” or “1”. The copy number (concentration) of the sample can be calculated by the number of fluorescent droplets through poisson distribution. distribution. The DropX-2000 System uses advanced microfluidics technology to achieve sample partition, generating about 20,000 nanoliter-sized droplets per sample.

The DropX-2000 system is suitable for tumor biomarker research, copy number variation analysis, viral pathogen detection, microbial detection, genetically modified organism detection, mRNA and miRNA detection, rare nucleic acid sample detection, NGS reference standard quality control, gene editing result verification, etc.

Sample Prep Station Product Description

Sample Prep Station SG-2000, using patented microfluidic technology and unique reagent system, quickly achieves Poisson distribution of samples in droplet preparation process is fully automated with one-button operation. Adopt the international top performance temperature control parts, combined with RainSure temperature control management system, the integrated digital PCR cartridge, to achieve rapid amplification of the nucleic acid samples.

Product Features: 

Combines a high precision pressure controlled microfluidic system with a microfluidic cartridge to quickly and smoothly produce uniform microemulsion droplets. It can produce 20,000-30,000 droplets in 70s with stable and long-lasting performance:

uniform droplet size, CV ≤ ±3%, droplet diameter can be adjusted in the range of 70-110 microns according to user requirements.

Adopt innovative flat surface heating design, to achieve rapid temperature raise and cooling down. The fastest heat ramp rate reaches 10 oC/s, the fastest cooling ramp rate reaches 6 oC/s. It is possible to complete 40 PCR thermal cycles within 45 minutes.

Instrument Model List

SG8-3000 (8 Throughput)

SG-2000 (16 Throughput )

SG32-2000 (32 Throughput )

Dscanner3-1000(Three color fluorescence)




Dscanner4-1000(Four color fluorescence)




Dscanner5-1000(Five color fluorescence)







Droplets per reaction

Around 20000

Droplet volume


PCR Thermal Cycling

40PCR < 90 minutes (max heating 10℃/S ,max cooling 6℃/S )

Optical Detection


Fluorescence Channel

3 channel FAM/SYBR Green, HEX/VIC, CY5

4 channel FAM/SYBR Green, HEX/VIC, ROX and CY5

5 channel FAM/SYBR Green, HEX/VIC, ROX ,CY5 and CY 5.5



Dynamic Range

5 logs

Quantification Precision


Add On Features

Can be upgraded to an integrated system with a robotic arm to eliminate the manual transfer of microfluidic chips from the sample preparation station to the chip scanner.

Sample Throughput Per Run




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